Methods & Models: A Guide to Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-touch attribution eliminates biases by algorithmically allocating credit to every element of every touchpoint in the consumer journey, across marketing and advertising channels and tactics, according to its influence on driving a conversion event.

Why You Need a Data Taxonomy

Multi-touch attribution harnesses your data like a seasoned cowboy at a rodeo so you can get the insights you need. But making the most of this tool requires a few key steps first.

How Not To Use Nielsen Data

Many CPG manufacturers either try to access too much data at one time, or don’t know the kind of data they need to have more successful retail buyer meetings or line reviews. Here’s how to avoid these mistakes.

How to Conduct CPG Market Sizing

Are you looking to enter a new market? If so, the first step is to fully understand the category you’re about to enter. This ensures you know what kind of opportunity there is for your product, increasing the likelihood your market entry strategy will be successful.