Webinar: Finding the Win Win in Promotional Spend

Webinar: Finding the Win Win in Promotional Spend

Managing and optimizing trade promotions is a constant challenge. Big investments, wasted promotional dollars and missed growth opportunities create a real pain point for both CPG marketers and their retail partners. Nielsen has developed a new framework to address these issues by understanding the key drivers – and the right combination of them – that can unlock new levels of promotional success. But can both manufacturers and retailers be a ‘winner’ at the shelf? Can trade promotions actually be a shared success? The Nielsen ‘Promotional Source of Volume’ solution provides the analysis, insights and actions needed to ensure that mutual, ‘win/win’ results are achieved at retail.

The Promotional Source of Volume is the focus of this webinar that provides a richer view into promotions to clarify, qualify and help quantify sales volume and help assure your promotions are effective and profitable for both you and your retail partners. Joining the discussion will be Michelle Christensen, Marketing Analytics at Wm Wrigley Jr. Company, to share first-hand experience.

The session will also cover these key questions:

  • Why not all incremental volume is valued equally
  • How to design a new approach for win/win, optimized trade promotions
  • How much of promotions cause brand switching, store switching, time switching and true expansion
  • Why certain categories vary widely in generating ROI
  • What similarities exist between U.S. and Canadian trade promotions


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Webinar: Finding the Win Win in Promotional Spend

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