Webinar: Boomers – Marketers Most Valuable Generation

Webinar: Boomers – Marketers Most Valuable Generation

In 5 years, 50% of the U.S. population will be 50+. Despite numbers of 80 million strong, they have been unaddressed by many marketers and advertisers since aging out of the popular 18-49 group. Why have some brands passed them by? What are others doing successfully for a group that is redefining aging? Nielsen research – done jointly with creative agency, Boomagers – provides new insights and ways of understanding the market potential of today’s ‘Boomers’, and shows that keeping pace with them can improve the health of a brand’s bottom line. 

Join us for a webinar that focuses on this ‘most valuable generation,’ whose sheer size and spending power remain key drivers within the CPG industry – still representing close to 50% of all CPG dollars spent. We will look into the media and shopping behaviors of a group that has the most and also spends the most. And we will share new facts that dispel many myths about a generation that is simply too valuable to ignore. Explore and expand upon question areas that include: 

  • What are the implications of their sheer size and growth rate?
  • How brand loyal are Boomers?
  • What is their purchasing potential and their influence to CPG categories and products?
  • How to best reach them? What are their digital behaviors?
  • What role does this group play in the adoption of social media and technology?

Learn how your marketing efforts can be successful in reaching the ‘most valuable generation’. 


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Webinar: Boomers – Marketers Most Valuable Generation

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