Webinar: What’s In Store? Think Small for Big Results

Webinar: What’s In Store? Think Small for Big Results

As we enter 2013 and encounter one of the most dynamic consumer landscapes in history, companies of all kinds want to know how to grow their business in a changing and often tumultuous economic climate. In this period of uncertainty, one thing has become clear: it is time to think small.

Through a review of retail trends, demographic shifts, manufacturer strategies, global influences, viewing habits and social media, the case will be made that success in 2013 will rely on a company’s ability to think small in order to drive big growth.

Many unique perspectives will be shared in this presentation as we provide a broad vision of opportunity areas – from manufacturers to retailers, from purchase to viewing habits and from local to global consumer trends. As new insights are uncovered new questions emerge, such as:

•Which demographic groups are most amenable to smaller package sizes?
•What can be learned from innovation trends?
•How do recent housing shifts impact product offerings of both durable and non-durable goods manufacturers?
•What actions can be taken to streamline advertisements to make them more cost-effective?
•How can new technology be leveraged for more customized ‘1-to-1’ consumer connections?
•On a global scale, which emerging countries demonstrate the most positive signs for niche market opportunities?

Please note: This webinar was offered in two versions – one viewed through a U.S. lens and a second viewed through a Canadian lens.


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Webinar: What’s In Store? Think Small for Big Results

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