Webinar: The Beauty of Creativity

Webinar: The Beauty of Creativity

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with more than 900 items in the beauty section of the average drug store alone, it’s harder than ever for retailers and manufacturers to stand out to consumers at retail. Perhaps that’s why this $33 billion category isn’t growing very much. So what will it take to win with beauty? For starters, better advertising.

Despite heavy advertising, the beauty category isn’t getting much love for its investment. In fact, recall for beauty ads is nearly 20% lower than other consumer packaged goods categories.

Download the report for insights and actions from a six-month custom study to understand what consumers are looking for in the beauty category, how to stand out in a sea of advertising sameness, and how to break through on a crowded shelf.


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Webinar: The Beauty of Creativity

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