Webinar: Beyond Your Aisles—The Total Food Frontier

Webinar: Beyond Your Aisles—The Total Food Frontier

For years, we as consumers shopped for groceries in a relatively contained and stable environment. Now, options for what, where, when and how to buy groceries are limitless. To say that the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is living up to its name is an understatement.

This is great for consumers, and challenging, to say the least, for FMCG businesses. But it is possible, even essential, to keep pace with changing consumer demands in-store.

This webinar explores how the fundamentals of category measurement and management can be adapted to suit the new retail environment—simply by changing the way you view the store.

We went in-depth on insights from our latest Total Consumer Report to showcase:

  • An overview of how consumers are shopping to meet their needs in-store
  • The impact a siloed view of the store and your category can have on brand growth
  • Practical adjustments you can make to broaden your view, eliminate blindspots and capitalize on total store dynamics

We know you have a lot of unanswered questions about pressures coming from outside of the store. With a broader view of the store landscape, you can eliminate uncertainty and find growth right in your own backyard.