Webinar: Quantifying the Value of Snap Advertising

With a large and engaged user base, Snap is an attractive platform for advertisers to connect with their customers. Marketers managing multi-channel campaigns need guidance to measure the impact of these activities accurately.

Webinar: Optimize Your Local TV and Radio Mix

With so many local broadcast media channels available today, getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time may seem like an impossible task. Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize your local media plans to connect with key local consumers.

Webinar: Nielsen and the UN’s Global Big Data Platform

Nielsen has been supporting the UN’s special task team on scanner data, which is working to identify new trusted data and develop methods so that national statistics offices (NSOs) around the world can improve calculation of consumer price indices, an important economic measure.

Webinar: Auto Marketer Report 2018

The Nielsen Auto Marketing Report 2018 sheds new light on the automotive path to purchase so you can develop more informed marketing strategies that increase purchase consideration and—most importantly—new car sales.

Webinar: Price on the Rise

33% of trade planning is reactive. The cost of goods goes up. Manufacturers reflexively increase price to protect their margins. As a result, brand loyalty among consumers shifts, causing these same companies to overcorrect with tactics such as deeper discounts or more frequent promotions in an...

Webinar: The Nielsen CMO Report

Our research, based on in-depth interviews and extensive survey data, is a look into the minds of today's CMOs as they tackle the challenges of an increasingly fragmented marketplace.

Webinar: Digital Challengers to Media Powerhouses

Hear how Group Nine Media emerged in the digital content landscape, and how it used digital measurement insights to help transform Group Nine from a scrappy newcomer to a brand that today, competes with the biggest video players in the industry.