Webinar: How to Make the Creative Process More Effective

Are you getting consistent, reliable results from your advertising campaigns? If not, why? Check out our webinar recording to find out. In the webinar, Dan Beltramo introduces the concept and practice of "Advertising Process Control" focusing on how to predict reliable digital advertising campaign...

Webinar: The Power of The Creative | Reconciling the Spoken and Unspoken

With all of the time and money you invest in your advertising, you want to be sure you are measuring its effectiveness accurately—from the creative itself to its in-market performance—and optimizing with impact. Can survey-based measures truly tap into consumer memories and emotion? What can we...

Webinar: Delivering Confidence for Digital Buys

You work hard to make your digital ad campaigns a success, but how can you expect success if you don't know how your ad is performing? In today's ever-changing advertising environment, digital measurement is critical to understanding and evaluating just that.

Webinar: U.S. Gaming, a 360° View

In this year's U.S. Gaming, A 360° View webinar, learn how this multi-screen industry has continued to evolve over time, who's playing and how their behavior relates to other entertainment media.

Webinar: The Beauty of Creativity

Insights and actions from a six-month custom study to understand what consumers are looking for in the beauty category, how to stand out in a sea of advertising sameness, and how to break through on a crowded shelf.

Webinar: Political Coffee Break

As the 2014 midterm campaign season heats up, it will be increasingly important to reach swing voters. Independents range from 19% to 52% of all registered voters across U.S. local markets. How can you reach and impact this influential voter group? Where should you focus your marketing efforts and...

Webinar: How to Use Television to Increase Brand Word of Mouth

Word of mouth drives sales and makes marketing significantly more effective. And now you can plan media to maximize your advertising’s word of mouth impact. This webinar focused on key insights from Nielsen and Keller Fay drawn from a fusion of NPM (National TV) and TalkTrack® (Keller...