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Job Description

NielsenIQ is the market leader in bringing neuroscience expertise to advertising, packaging, branding, and product development in order to understand nonconscious drivers of consumers’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

 As a Neurophysiologist within our BASES Neuro team, you will be responsible for conducting studies, focusing primarily on the collection of high-quality electroencephalogram (EEG), eye tracking, and physiological data.


  • Collect EEG, eye tracking, and physiological data from human subjects viewing marketing material, continuously monitoring the incoming data

  • Foster a safe and robust testing environment for high-quality data collection through mitigation of variables and adherence to lab policies and procedures

  • Diagnose challenges to data collection and validation, including hardware and software issues, and mechanical and electrical interference

  • Partner with Neuroscientists, A/V Engineers, Participant Recruiters, and Lab Operations Managers to ensure high quality study designs and testing environments

  • Lead assignments on studies to ensure Operational aspects of the project happen smoothly and on-time

  • Lead all aspects of international remote studies/experiments, including interfacing with external vendors, creating a robust remote lab environment, and managing fielding schedules and international travel logistics

  • Create and drive business process improvement efforts to increase efficiency and streamline processes


  • Bachelor’s degree is required.  Focus area in Neuroscience, Psychology, and/or Biology is a plus.

  • Familiarity with EEG, eye tracking, and/or biometrics data collection is a plus. 

  • Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and teamwork.

  • High attention to detail, self-motivated.

  • Basic proficiency with hardware and software of computer systems.

  • Experience and an interest in future domestic & international travel—this position could require up to 20% travel.

  • Ability to lift heavy loads up to 25 pounds overhead