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Job Description

About This Job:

Nielsen BASES works with clients at all stages of new product development, from early-stage ideation to optimizing communication and positioning, package design, predicting and growing in-market sales and crafting holistic marketing support plans through the launch. The Line & Price Specialty team leverages primary market research and choice based models (Discrete Choice, Conjoint) to consult clients on innovation, portfolio assortment, pricing and price pack architecture decisions.

The Senior Analyst is a key contributor as a high performing executor on projects. The Senior Analyst holds responsibility for all project aspects including inputs management, study programming, analytics and reporting. Team members will be trained on principles of market research, choice based models, product innovations, assortment and pricing. Top performers are highly skilled at managing multiple projects at once with keen attention to detail, are willing to step up and truly own their deliverables, and have an innate curiosity to explore and ask why. 


Manage All End-to-End Project Tasks

  • Collects and organizes critical inputs for projects including leveraging Nielsen Sales data to create recommended SKU lists, test variation such as price, test images and survey documents
  • Prepares study for field including program setup and quality assurance checks
  • Leads analytical runs from models, presenting suggestions and recommendations on model adjustments
  • Prepares first draft of reports including chart creation and analytical headlines and summaries

Deliver best in class insights and help our clients achieve better business outcomes

  • Provides recommendations on inputs and study design for efficient execution
  • Tailors reports and analysis to clearly answer client business questions
  • Adds additional insights to analysis with information beyond the data

Team Contributions

  • Engages in ad hoc task force and team initiatives
  • Provides clear and actionable feedback on team processes and tools
  • As a more experienced professional among the Analyst/Senior Analyst group, acts as a leader among peers for team culture and change management
  • Takes on reach opportunities to prepare for the next role of Associate Manager

A Little About You:

With some professional experience under your belt you are a proven operator with high quality attention to detail and project management skills. After official onboarding you are able to look beyond the purely executional tasks, to provide additional insight from your own experience and knowledge. You are able to act as a leader among the Analyst group, setting strong examples of operational excellence, and taking advantage of stretch opportunities to grow within the role, and prepare for the next level.


  • 18-24 months of relevant experience in marketing, research, consulting or a related field, or general project management experience
  • Ability to manage several ongoing client engagements and internal initiatives at the same time
  • Excellent oral/written communication, organizational, project management and customer service skills
  • High level attention to detail