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Nielsen Innovate Funds 10th Portfolio Company, Furious Corp.

You may not know that Nielsen has an early stage technology incubator licensed by the Israeli government. It’s called Nielsen Innovate, and today we’re announcing the funding of our 10th start-up, U.S./Israel-based Furious Corp., an inventory management platform helping premium video programmers maximize revenue across the growing number of digital distribution platforms.

Nielsen Innovate launched in July 2012 and operates in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel to nurture new businesses with a focus on marketing, consumer and advertising research technologies to fast track Nielsen’s innovation pipeline for the benefit of clients worldwide. No other company has a similar relationship, and Bruce Haymes, SVP and general manager of Nielsen Innovate attributes the honor to Nielsen’s unique funding philosophy.

“Nielsen Innovate investments are not simply financial infusions,” said Haymes. “We look for innovative companies with executives and solutions that complement our core capabilities, and we act as their business development partners. Furious Corp. is a perfect example of that strategy, and we look forward to supporting their plans to globalize and commercialize their solutions—with Nielsen and their other partners, as well.”

Furious Corp. is shaping the changing business models of TV 2.0 and the premium video advertising ecosystem. Furious Corp. partners with television programmers to develop an inventory planning and optimization platform that leverages real time data from smart TVs and other connected video devices to maximize traditional advertising revenue.

“Television is in the midst of an industrial revolution; programmers require tools to leverage technology and data to maximize ROI and to catch up with a well armed demand side hungry for more addressable advertising. The Furious platform will empower programmers to retain and drive growth for their entire advertising P&L,” said Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and co-founder of Furious Corp. “My co-founder, Hillel Rom, and our entire team in Israel view the Nielsen Innovate relationship as more than capital, but as a competitive advantage in our mission to extend the currency of TV and video content in markets across the globe.”

“The business of television is rapidly changing,” said Haymes. “More and more, audiences are viewing television on Internet-enabled devices, distribution channels are consolidating and the proliferation of programmatic and data-driven buying has left television programmers demanding new technology and tools. The vision and technology behind Furious fits perfectly with our model of mentoring and investing in companies that can impact positive change in our clients’ businesses and our core value proposition.”