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Due Diligence Considerations Are Critical for Successful Acquisitions

Integrity is the foundation of our business. But what does this mean in the context of an acquisition? Recently, Patrick Dineen, SVP, M&A Technology Integration, and Deborah Whalen, VP, Corporate Development Integration Program Lead, discussed the work that goes into ensuring a Nielsen acquisition is successful. This covers all aspects of due diligence and change management, as well as ensuring that quality and security are not sacrificed as talent, data and products all go through the transition process of joining Nielsen.

Pat highlighted the need to deploy  discipline, process, transparency and clarity when we execute on due diligence in integrations. Deb explored the human interests present with any acquisition. “People are the heart of any business,” said Deb. “We make strategic acquisitions specifically around what the business brings to us, but it’s all about the people who have created these businesses that make them attractive to us. We want to respect the culture of the acquired company. Part of our job is to convince them that Nielsen is a good place to work, that it’s beneficial for their career, and they can be part of something bigger.”

Both agreed that this doesn’t all happen on day one. It’s for this reason that teams align across multiple workstreams to lead everyone through the journey.

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