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Enterprise Risk Management Takes a Holistic Approach

In recent years, we have focused on continually maturing Nielsen’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to understand the risks that affect our business. In order to ensure the most holistic view of our risks, we bring in internal and external perspectives, take both a top-down and bottom-up approach to ensure we are aligned on the risks that affect Nielsen, and execute on our risk mitigation plans simultaneously. Julia Wilson, Director, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen, recently sat down with Mandy Straka, Director, Security, Nielsen, to discuss what our refined ERM strategy means for Nielsen and our stakeholders.

We regularly maintain a list of the top five risks that we have our attention focused on at all times. “These are risks that we feel are most impactful and important to the company,” said Mandy. “From the bottom-up, we have all markets and regions reporting what their particular risks are on a semi-annual basis. We take those metrics as well and use them to distill our top five annually.”

Mandy also highlighted that a critical piece of risk is not only that risks are reported centrally and managed appropriately, but also that business leaders and groups are sharing what they have learned amongst themselves. To that end, we have several risk-sharing ERM calls each year during which these strategies are discussed and talked about, teams have the opportunity to ask questions, and everyone can take advantage of new ideas or strategies to help them address risks in their particular market or functional area.

In order to elevate our existing knowledge base, we maintain a group of Risk Experts within Nielsen who have been assigned in their areas of expertise to be available for any questions or concerns across all geographies and areas.

“We have an excellent foundation that we’ve built into every group and market,” said Mandy. “But we need to be flexible as Nielsen changes, to strengthen our input and reach in the existing parts of ERM that we’ve built.”

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