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A Focus on Sustainability Aligns With Nielsen’s Path to 2020

Great outcomes start with you. This core belief of our Global Technology & Operations (GTO) organization helps push us forward as we strive to drive progress as a business, as well as in the communities and markets where we live and work around the world. Crystal Barnes, SVP, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, recently sat down with John Tavolieri, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, to discuss how this belief connects to our sustainability efforts and our Path to 2020.

“If you think about [Nielsen’s Path to 2020], it’s about making sure that we create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company,” said John. “An additional direct link is if we take a look at some of the work we’re doing to eliminate waste, whether it’s in our field activities or in the way we operate our data centers. All of these should see significant reductions in either footprint or the amount of travel that’s required, making us a more eco-friendly company.”

John highlighted how teams and individuals come together to bring this vision to life. With more than 30,000 GTO associates across each of the markets in which we operate, the link between our environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategy and our GTO efforts occurs one person at a time. “Every person is focused on delivering not only on the business objectives, but on making the communities and markets in which they operate better,” said John.

Visit our Global Responsibility & Sustainability page on, as well as our Nielsen Global Responsibility Report for more information about how our ESG strategy is aligned across all our business objectives.