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Nielsen Invests in Technology to Accelerate Growth and Minimize Environmental Impacts

The choices we make around the technology we use across our business impacts not just the clients and markets we serve; they also benefit our environmental and social responsibility efforts. Crystal Barnes, SVP, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, recently sat down with Kim Anstett, Chief Information Officer, to discuss how these choices affect our day-to-day service delivery, as well as our environmental impacts more broadly.

“Infrastructure is definitely a big piece of it. We have a large global footprint with data centers throughout each region of the world where we house over 20,000 servers,” said Kim. “It’s really important that what we’re looking at is how the technology is continuing to evolve and leads to a better place for the environment, in that our footprint continues to shrink.”

These footprint reductions translate to positive results across the board. We’re seeing server and storage footprint reductions of 90-95% in our data centers where we’ve upgraded to new server and storage technology. As we’ve reduced our data center footprint from 16 to six, we’re also shifting to leveraging cloud technology as a way to both better deliver for our clients and reduce our impact on the environment.

“This means less hardware, less power and a decreased cost to Nielsen,” said Kim. “But it’s also better for the environment and how we’re operating.”

Collaborations across teams like architecture, vendor management, technology and others are critical for driving this connected strategy forward. But teams aren’t just collaborating on new technologies; employees have also come together to give our technologies new life after we’re finished with them. Several teams work to donate refurbished laptops to organizations where they could be put to good use, an example where we can both do better by the environment and help the communities where we live and serve. Nielsen employees engage in various environmental sustainability efforts like these throughout the year through our global Nielsen Green platform.

Beyond these efforts, Kim also highlighted improvement efforts across our global office footprint, where we’re looking for new efficiency opportunities, like through using less energy and working with leasing companies to reduce the impact we have as a part of their overall footprint.

Visit our Global Responsibility & Sustainability page on, as well as our Nielsen Global Responsibility Report for more information about how our environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategy is aligned across all our business objectives.