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Science Meets Creative at the Next ARF Annual Conference

Creating the perfect ad is harder—and more delicate—than ever. Brands, along with the agencies behind them, are laser-focused on producing the next viral video. Yet viewers’ attention is split across countless screens and platforms. To capture audiences, the ad needs imagery and messaging that sparks a personal emotion, without becoming offensive or intrusive. From the rise of social media to advanced targeting capabilities, new technology has been a huge driver of the challenges and solutions facing today’s advertising industry. And marketers are constantly trying to make decisions with the perfect balance of creative and data focused inputs.  

Getting to the bottom of this dilemma is the goal of the upcoming Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) annual conference, CONSUMERxSCIENCE. On March 27-28, leaders across the advertising landscape will be tackling the most talked-about topics in the industry right now and presenting the latest research findings behind them. Through a series of sessions, they will dig into the latest trends around identifying consumer segments, understanding path-to-purchase, and evaluating ad creative.

This year, Nielsen is a platinum sponsor of the conference and will be featured on four mainstage and breakout sessions. We’ll use our combination of data and science to explore what actually makes effective advertising. Our experts will share their insights to help answer questions including:

  • How important are ads with socially charged messages?
  • How can psychographics predict the images consumers are attracted to and impact purchase behavior?
  • What’s being overlooked when advanced demographics—beyond age and gender—are introduced to television and digital media planning?
  • What are the key factors that determine the growth of your brand?

Learn more at or see us on-stage: 

Tackling the Future of Socially Charged Advertising

Tuesday 3/27, 12:10 p.m. – 12:40 p.m.
Socially-charged advertising isn’t just for nonprofits anymore – consumers now expect the brands they buy to communicate a purpose and contribute to social change. But taking a stance on social and political issues is risky. The power of neuroscience can help marketers reduce risk, avoid wasted investment and advance their brand in a world where the line between consumer and citizen is blurring.


  • Carl Marci, M.D. – EVP, Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen
  • Patty Goldman – VP, Strategy & Evaluation, Ad Council

Platinum Session: Could audience Buying be CREATING Waste?

Wednesday, 3/28, 9:40 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Audience-based buying is supposed to help marketers maximize their budgets. But what happens if your target segments are poorly defined? A Nielsen Data Science executive will highlight the value of properly defining and estimating the size of consumer segments to avoid creating waste in Addressable Buys.


  • Christine Pierce – SVP, Data Science, Nielsen

The Psychology Behind Image Perception

Wednesday, 3/28,  2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Getty and Nielsen launch a global psychographic research initiative to better understand consumers’ image choices and guide Getty’s business strategy.


  • Ameneh Atai – SVP, Business Development, Nielsen
  • Tristen Norman – Manager, Creative Insights & Planning, Getty

How to Build Brands

Wednesday, 3/28, 2:40 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.
A landmark study of 50 brands over three and half years will provide guidance and answer the questions: Who to target? When? For how long?


  • Leslie Wood, Ph.D. – Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • Linghan Wang – Senior Manager, Research and Development, Nielsen Catalina Solutions