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Nielsen Company Acquires Video Technology Leader GlanceGuide

New York, NY and Palo Alto, CA, MAY 4, 2010 – The Nielsen Company today announced the acquisition of GlanceGuide, a leading video analytics and technology company in Palo Alto, CA. GlanceGuide’s advanced analytics capabilities have been immediately integrated into Nielsen’s online video measurement tools to deliver more actionable daily insights to media publishers, agencies and advertisers. Nielsen clients now have access to better understand who is watching online video each day, and how consumers interact with online video content and advertising.

GlanceGuide’s technology provides insights into how consumers interact with the video they watch online. The acquisition of GlanceGuide enables Nielsen to provide its global clients new and critical business intelligence. This offering introduces a new and powerful Nielsen metric to the online video advertising industry– the attentiveness score— which aggregates key variables like viewing duration, video visibility, and audio volume to provide a composite ‘score’ for a piece of video content or advertising. This acquisition also comes on the heels of Nielsen’s recent announcement in the U.S. to provide clients, through its “Extended Screen” initiative, with the ability to see how the same piece of content performed on TV versus how it performed online.

In 2009, in response to global client feedback, Nielsen selected GlanceGuide as the technology partner to help streamline the video data collection process. The integration between Nielsen & GlanceGuide provided clients with a single technology solution that enables audience measurement, advertising effectiveness research, and robust analytics and optimization. When combined with new demographic insights, the newly integrated solution enables media companies and advertisers to understand how different groups of consumers respond to online video and advertising, which in turn can feed into media sales & advertising optimization efforts.

“Nielsen is fully committed to providing our clients with actionable, comprehensive and immediate insights about online video consumption,” explains Dave Osborn, senior vice president of online product leadership for The Nielsen Company. “GlanceGuide is a leader and innovator in video technology and analytics, so this was a natural and exciting extension of Nielsen’s current offerings to the advertising community.”

“This is truly a match where the sum is much greater than the parts,” added GlanceGuide cofounders Indra Mohan and Desikan Jagannathan. “Our integration with Nielsen will enable media clients to better sell their audience, while providing marketers with the tools to improve the effectiveness of their advertising.”

Clients Gain Immediate Access to More Advanced Analytics Measuring Consumers’ Online Video Activity and Attentiveness