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Nielsen TDLinx Announces New Channel Classification for Dining Industry

New York, NY – March 27, 2017 – Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced the realignment of the TDLinx on-premise licensed dining channel into five sub-channels designed to more accurately reflect the current state of this major segment of the on premise environment in the U.S. In the evolving dining industry, this new classification will allow stronger allocation of dining establishments and build on the unique foundation provided by TDLinx, Nielsen’s continuously updated on-premise universe database.

Nielsen TDLinx is the premier provider of retail and on-premise channel information. Its channel definitions are widely used throughout the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, and it delivers a consistent way of categorizing the locations where beverage alcohol products are sold.

The new TDLinx Dining Trade Channel classification will contain five sub-channels: quick-serve restaurant, fast casual, casual dining, polished casual and fine dining. All on-premise dining locations have been assigned one of these new sub-channel segments that accurately reflects their business. Clients across the beverage alcohol category, including suppliers, distributors and promotional agencies, will benefit from this reclassification through a clear understanding of the size of each of these new on-premise dining account establishments, and which of these segments are growing and/or shrinking.

“This reclassification is a direct result of our client needs for a deeper understanding of the dining industry,” said Mario Gutierrez, vice president group client director, Nielsen. “This level of sophisticated classification is essential to determining growth trends, opportunities, allocating sales resources, promotional dollars and measuring performance within the restaurant channel, and how this translates into more efficient strategies for on premise suppliers.”

The new sub-channels are now available to all clients.  

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