Nielsen Automated
Business drivers

Always-on insights that highlight sales performance drivers for consumer packaged goods brands

Marketing teams execute an array of strategies to drive business growth each year, but they don’t always have immediate insight into their results. Trying to understand how different factors – such as promotions, distribution changes or advertising – drove changes to sales is difficult, and many organizations don’t feel equipped to quickly and accurately get the answers they need in order to adapt their in-market strategies accordingly.

With Nielsen Automated Business Drivers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have access to “always-on” analytics that provide insights into what’s driving sales performance, including in-store trade efforts (e.g., price changes and promotions) and television advertising. In addition to providing insight into which elements are driving your brand’s performance, Nielsen Automated Business Drivers provides complementary insights about competitor brands in your category for a complete view of the market.

Nielsen RMS

Nielsen Automated Business Drivers automatically updates insights on a monthly basis and delivers them to a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that allows decision makers across your organization to drill down to granular views that provide the powerful insights they need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Quickly understand the effects of price, promotion, distribution, TV and competitive changes so you can adapt your strategy to drive growth for your brands.


With so many touch points in today’s path to purchase, it can be difficult to know which marketing strategies are driving sales. Automated Business Drivers aggregates proprietary Nielsen Retail Measurement Services (RMS) and media data into advanced statistical models that illuminate specific sales drivers on an ongoing basis. By using the application to evaluate the impact of thousands of store-level data-points simultaneously, you have all the information you need to make effective marketing strategy decisions.

With Nielsen Automated Business Drivers, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How influential are my marketing actions on my sales?
  • What influence are my competitors’ actions having on my sales?
  • What’s driving my competitors’ sales?

Ongoing visibility

Drivers update simultaneously with your sales data, providing seamless visibility into what’s driving performance over time


Streamlined Analysis

With just a few clicks, diagnose performance of the total category to an individual brand and national data to a single retailer


Simplified Insights

Simple visualizations and automated insights make it easy to support and communicate your action plan

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