BASES Quick Predict

Reliable Innovation testing, now 3X Faster

Speed without compromise

To innovate with confidence, you need solid research backing your ideas. And you need it fast. A lot of innovation testing tools promise fast results—but the data they deliver isn’t always reliable. In fact, a whopping 69% of marketers say they don’t trust the results they get from their fast innovation tools. Concept Quick Predict is out to change all of that. Nielsen’s new solution gives you fast, in-depth answers based on methodology you can trust.


Predictive answers 3X Faster

Concept Quick Predict works 3X faster than traditional screening tools. In a matter of days, you’ll understand your concept’s probability of success, financial potential and much more—plus, you’ll gain qualitative insights into how to make it even better.

Bases on trusted methodology

Unlike other screening solutions, Quick Predict doesn’t skip steps or compromise data quality to deliver results quickly. It uses the same Activation Profiles framework and validated methodology as Nielsen’s other tools, but automates the process for faster delivery. Activation Profiles is a consulting frameworks that enables you to segment your innovation opportunities based on strategic potential while representing multiple pathways to success so that you can make the best go-to-market decisions for any initiative in your pipeline.

*Nielsen’s Innovation analytics are proven to help increase new product success rates to 75% on average. Compare that to 15% for the overall market.

Quick & Easy Collaboration

Quick Predict includes complimentary access to Nielsen Innovation Studio, our platform for maximizing collaboration. Easily create and edit your concepts and communicate with colleagues in one place, saving time while building stronger ideas.

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Our new tool uses the same framework and analytics, but with 3X faster delivery.