Commspoint Journey


The path to purchase is more complex today than ever before. New media channels, formats and even devices are all shaping shoppers’ decisions, and marketers need fast and accurate insights to navigate buying habits. Commspoint Journey is the world’s leading syndicated collection of consumer journeys on the path to purchase across more than 30 categories. Based on surveys of specific purchases delivered in software, we’ve designed Commspoint Journey to help you influence the path to purchase more accurately than ever before.

Commspoint Journey offers marketers large scale, cost efficient windows into multiple categories. Media agencies, creative agencies and brands can use the tool to identify important areas of focus for communication and activation tasks through a quantitative process. For pitches or new assignments, agencies can get up to speed quickly and have category expertise on tap, within the tool.

Get the “data behind the hunch.” Commspoint Journey removes much of the guesswork involved in journey planning. With the software’s trusted data, you can design research-driven pitches that help win new business and increase confidence among existing clients. 

Ultimately, the marketing world is abuzz with talk about consumer journeys, and companies must act quickly so they don’t get left behind. Begin building a stronger, more accurate picture of your customers today with Commspoint Journey.


Through Commspoint Journey, we identify and measure the key decisions and influences that affect consumers before, during and after they buy goods and services. Typically 5,000 respondents tell us about 2-3 recent purchases fuelling a database of up to 15,000 detailed purchase stories across more than 30 categories. These stories are organised around our five-stage framework—Being, Starting, Exploring, Buying and Enjoying—to describe how we live with brands. This framework helps us tap into the needs, emotions and decisions that guide everyday consumer interactions with brands.

We cover various topics within each stage, with a particular focus on helping to identify opportunities to influence purchasing. Our questions explore category attitudes, social activities, media influences, point-of-purchase factors, journey durations, decision profiles and much more. We’ve done all the hard work of questionnaire design and tool building, so you can be up and running instantly with data on tap when a brief comes in. The insights drawn from the research are then delivered through flexible and powerful software that enables you to quickly and easily interact with the data in a highly visual, intuitive way.

Commspoint Journey is available as either a syndicated or custom solution, giving you maximum flexibility based on your needs. If the one-size-fits-all nature of syndicated is too broad, then we can support diving in with qualitative, quantitative and custom frameworks and brand level insights.


There’s no denying consumer journeys are a hot topic among media and marketing professionals. Brands want to know more about the factors driving consumer decisions and agencies must show they have the capabilities to deliver this information. With Commspoint Journey, you’ll have access to high quality insights made affordable thanks to syndication. And instead of relying on gut instincts or anecdotal evidence, you can measure, quantify and analyse consumer habits with ease.

With Commspoint Journey, you can optimise your planning activities:

  • Create stronger pitches and win new business 
  • Boost confidence among existing clients 
  • Save money compared with traditional customised surveys 
  • Build workshops around journey data 
  • Encourage a holistic approach to journey analysis 
  • Develop an effective journey planning framework 
  • Generate charts to visualise results and sway stakeholders}

Journey lets you see, for your particular brand, what parts of the consumer journey are more important than others. You can then customise and overlay which media might be most effective at that journey point to help optimise investments. It looks fantastic and we’re very excited about using it.

Brett Dennis, Chief Growth Officer at Conill