Factors For Success

Nielsen’s Factors for Success evaluates initiatives on the 12 hurdles every product must pass to succeed in market. This provides actionable insight for improving your proposition.

Predictive & Proven

After six years of R&D research, studying 600 product launches, Nielsen identified 12 factors that are common to every winning launch. Innovations that perform strongly across all 12 factors in pre-market testing are statistically proven to have a 75% chance of success in market, which is 5X better than the industry average. By evaluating your ideas, concepts and products on these same dimensions, you gain a more reliable and more granular understanding of your innovation’s potential and what you need to strengthen to increase your odds of success. In short, you can make more confident decisions, faster and launch innovations that deliver greater growth for your brands.

75% Chance of Success

A Single Currency for In Market Success

A consistent framework utilized end-to-end in the innovation process designed to help you understand what it takes to get market ready.

Factors for success chart