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25% of marketing spend is wasted on ineffective digital tactics alone*

Can you prove the value of your marketing?

It’s no secret that marketing organizations are under pressure. You need to meet or beat the goals set by leadership, track progress and share insights into what’s working—and what’s not. But with so many channels, data sources and consumer behavior changing by the day, how can you know which tactics actually drive revenue and growth?

It’s a tough bottom line: either you’re not contributing to business outcomes, or you can’t prove that you are.

Good marketing is incredibly complex. If you want better results, you need more than measurement. You need accuracy. Without it, you’ll have the wrong impression of how effective your marketing efforts are. Don’t risk your limited budget by investing in poorly performing channels and tactics and wasting spend in the process.

Common Causes of Waste:



You base decisions on months-old reports—well after the market has changed.



You rely on simplified measurement models that produce suboptimal recommendations.


Coverage Gaps

You lack performance visibility on all channels—including “walled gardens.”


What if you could overcome the delays, errors and coverage gaps in order to take an active role in driving revenue and growth while reducing waste at the same time?

With Nielsen, you can.

With our marketing effectiveness measurement solutions, you get the unmatched speed, coverage and actionability you need to dramatically improve the efficiency of your marketing investments and optimize your team’s impact on the business.

With model rebuilds as often as daily, consistently early access to new and influential advertising channels, and a web-based dashboard that reconciles data from multiple models for a single view of performance, you and your team will always have the fast, first and comprehensive insights you need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness across your entire marketing portfolio.

Our Products Include:


Make smarter strategic investments across all channels

Nielsen Matched Panel Analysis

Quickly understand the impact of specific campaigns and tactics


Make tactical optimizations while campaigns are still in-flight

Know what’s driving your sales on an on-going basis

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* Nielsen analysis of anonymized client data covering $2.8 billion in media spend from Jan. 1 2018 – June 30, 2018