Product Development & Testing

You can have the best product trial in the world, but unless you get consumers to buy again, your product won’t survive in today’s cut throat market. In fact, Nielsen data shows that products that don’t deliver a great consumer experience only have a 5% chance of in-market success. With a flexible range of product testing solutions that integrate traditional in-home product testing with the latest in mobile based consumer research methods, we can help you get the most complete and actionable understanding of your products’ strengths and weaknesses.

Featured Solution

Video Capture for Product Testing

Choosing to invest in a new product launch is one of the most difficult and important decisions that manufacturers make, so why would you do it without the full emotional and experiential side of the story? With Video Capture, watch consumers react in the moment when using your product to capture what words alone cannot while uncovering hidden risks to your product.

See It In Action

A leading home care manufacturer was launching a new eco-friendly cleaner and wanted to understand how effectively the product delivered on consumer expectations. Using Nielsen Video Capture, 25 consumers recorded 1-2 minute videos of themselves using the product in their homes and the videos were automatically uploaded to an online platform and edited into quick highlight reels.

At first, consumers were skeptical of the product’s cleaning power, but after using it, they were quickly convinced it could clean just as well as any traditional cleanser.


Success Story

Milk Bone had identified a consumer struggle – pet owners were concerned about the oral health of their pets, but brushing a pet’s teeth was too much of a hassle. Milk Bone developed a concept for a dog chew that could clean a pet’s teeth as effectively as brushing and invested in clinical trials to support the claims.

However, when testing the product against the concept, the brand learned that the physical shape of the product limited belief in the product’s efficacy. Because it did not bend or twist, consumers had a hard time believing it could really clean a dog’s teeth well when it chewed.

The brand used the insight to invest in a new technical design that could bend and flex and nubs that resembled a tooth brush. In this case, the product didn’t just help repeat; it drove believability in the product for trial. The new product look became a featured part of the product’s launch marketing and helped propel the product to over $50 million in sales in year one.


Our Proprietary Advantage

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Factors for Success™

After six years of R&D research, studying 600 product launches, Nielsen identified 12 factors that are common to every winning launch. Innovations that perform strongly across all 12 factors in pre-market testing are statistically proven to have a 75% chance of success in market, which is 5X better than the industry average.
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Volumetric Forecasting

By empirically linking our models to in-market data, BASES Volumetric Forecasting accurately predicts multi-year sales and impact on total brand volume for your new products. It takes into account your many market levers—including concept and product performance, media spend and vehicles, promotions, distribution, and more—to determine the potential of your launch.
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