Product Development & Testing

You can have the best product trial in the world, but unless you get consumers to buy again, your product won’t survive in today’s cut throat market. In fact, Nielsen data shows that products that don’t deliver a great consumer experience only have a 5% chance of in-market success. With a flexible range of product testing solutions that integrate traditional in-home product testing with the latest in mobile based consumer research methods, we can help you get the most complete and actionable understanding of your products’ strengths and weaknesses.

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A clear path to meeting consumer expectations – in as little as 15 days

Does Your New Product Meet Consumer Expectations?

Tight timelines and budgets mean you are often forced to skimp on your new product development process. As a result, crucial steps, such as allowing consumers to use the product in a real world setting, are often executed haphazardly at best, or even worse, skipped altogether. With BASES Product Quick Use, you don’t have to compromise. Our fast, affordable product testing solution allows consumers to interact with your new product in their homes and provides you with crucial insight into how it is performing against expectations in as little as 15 days, making it easier for you to assess this critical product development point.

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Activation Profiles

BASES Activation Profiles is a consulting framework that enables you to segment your innovation opportunities based on strategic potential while representing multiple pathways to success so that you can make the best go-to-market decisions for any initiative in your pipeline.

It supports the right innovation in the right way and goes beyond a one-dimensional picture by categorizing market viable innovations into one of six possible successful activation paths. It matches the right strategy with the right innovation to maximize ROI.
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Factors for Success™

After six years of R&D research, studying 600 product launches, Nielsen identified 12 factors that are common to every winning launch. Innovations that perform strongly across all 12 factors in pre-market testing are statistically proven to have a 75% chance of success in market, which is 5X better than the industry average.

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Volumetric Forecasting

By empirically linking our models to in-market data, BASES Volumetric Forecasting accurately predicts multi-year sales and impact on total brand volume for your new products. It takes into account your many market levers—including concept and product performance, media spend and vehicles, promotions, distribution, and more—to determine the potential of your launch.
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