Nielsen Total Audience Ratings

The media industry is in the midst of an important transition: consumers have endless options for consuming their favorite content, and it’s fundamentally changing the business of TV, advertising and measurement. The need for fair comparisons between digital and TV is greater than ever.

In order to empower media companies and advertisers to make the most of the new media landscape, Nielsen is connecting all of our audience measurement capabilities to launch a comprehensive ratings framework that helps to demonstrate our clients’ total audience for both content and ad campaigns across all consumer access points. Nielsen’s Total Audience Ratings is the best representative measurement of media consumption across platforms and devices.

Nielsen provides metrics that enable comparability between traditional viewing on a television set and media consumption that occurs on other devices and platforms. These next-generation metrics provide content owners with the tools they need to better understand the true total audience of their content, and allows marketers to compare their options to put their ads in front of the right consumer, on the right platform, at the right time.

The Nielsen Total Audience measurement framework has four core pillars:

Total Content Ratings

Total Content Ratings allows content creators, advertisers and agencies to gain a deeper understanding of the ways that consumers are watching and engaging with content. Total Content Ratings leverages Nielsen’s unparalleled data science expertise to duplicate audiences across screens to provide the total audience for a piece of video content and to identify the incremental lift of additional platforms beyond live TV. For example, for a specific episode of a program, Nielsen identifies the total audience across the original live airing, time-shifted viewing, video-on-demand viewing, computer, smartphone and tablet viewing.

Digital Content Ratings

Digital Content Ratings provides daily, census-based measurement of digital content including video and text. Digital Content Ratings measures content distributed across computers, mobile devices and connected devices (volumetrics only), to enable smarter buying and selling decisions. Digital Content Ratings’ methodology is shared with Digital Ad Ratings, the digital campaign measurement solution that is already used by the majority of agencies, to measure age, gender and other audience metrics.

Total Ad Ratings

Total Ad Ratings allows media companies, advertisers and agencies to understand who was exposed to a particular advertising campaign and the incremental lift from additional platforms beyond live TV, in a comparable way to content measurement. It’s this comparability that helps both sellers and buyers to more efficiently run their business.

Digital Ad Ratings

Digital Ad Ratings provides transparent, independent, and actionable audience advertising exposure measurement across digital screens. It offers a comprehensive, next-day view of a campaign’s online & mobile audience, and reach/frequency/GRP metrics comparable to TV ad measurement. Using Digital Ad Ratings, media companies and marketers can help enable brand messages to reach desired audiences more effectively to maximize return on media investment.

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