Shelf Intelligence Suite


In today’s competitive and evolving consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, shelf management and store activation are both critical to success and very difficult to execute. CPG companies need precise, real-time information about what’s selling, isn’t, and why. That’s where the Shelf Intelligence Suite from Trax and Nielsen comes in. This integrated solution provides brands with ongoing digitized measurement of their products in store and how placement, location and adjacency may influence sales.

Shelf Intelligence Suite fuses world-class capabilities from both companies—Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Services (RMS) data and analytics with Trax’s computer vision and analytics platform. Nielsen’s RMS data includes the most comprehensive CPG point of sale dataset in the industry, complete with information on market shares, competitive sales volumes and insights into distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotion. Trax’s advanced computer vision transforms images of store shelves into a comprehensive set of SKU-level metrics and market insights that are delivered through intuitive web dashboards.


Understand shelf reality to drive continuous improvement and deliver category growth

Leverage Shelf Quality Index (SQI) to benchmark your performance and gain competitive insights

Understand sales drivers to optimize your shelf strategy like never before

Shelf Intelligence Suite includes two solutions: Shelf Pulse and Shelf Blueprint


With over 70% of purchase decisions made at the shelf, you need continuous measurement and insights into merchandising conditions to win shoppers. Shelf Pulse is a digitized measurement tool that CPG companies can use to help understand in-store shelf conditions—both for their brands and competitors.

Shelf Pulse delivers cutting-edge powerful visualization of granular store conditions to sales.

  • Store: Benchmark your shelf performance across competition and category
  • Shelf: Uncover shelf execution and compliance gaps
  • Checkout: Ascertain the impact of shelf execution on sales

How It Works

Shelf Data Captured

Our retail audit panel captures shelf images across markets and retail channels.

Data Analyzed

The Trax cloud analyzes the images with its advanced Computer Vision platform and deep learning algorithms.

Insight Available

CPG clients have access to online market measurement reports and measurement information for retail store clusters.


With interactive visualizations and dynamic dashboards, Shelf Pulse provides the answers for various shelf data scenarios.

Find Answers to These Key Questions

Category Landscape

Who is leading/lagging in the category?

What is their availability, shelf share, unique SKU volume across regions and store types?

Product Positioning

Which brands and product locations influence shoppers to buy at the shelf?


How are my SKUs performing?

Shelf Blueprint

Shelf Blueprint is a predictive analytics and planning service that leverages advanced retail data science models to predict and plan retail merchandising strategies. The models quantify the relationship between controllable store and shelf variables to sales across retailers. CPG companies can use Shelf Blueprint in their store merchandising, macro space planning and shelf design optimization efforts.

Turning Shelf Insights Into Actionable Recommendations

Set your shelf strategy through insights and answers to key business questions such as:

Why Trax and Nielsen?

Breakthrough technology

Powered by Trax’s proprietary computer vision platform we digitize shelf images right down to the SKU level for your category.

100+ Countries

With our capability and footprint, we can deliver consistent and reliable data sets from store to shelf to checkout to inform strategic planning based on store conditions.

3%-5% Sales Uplift, Single Category

Leverage two powerhouses in shelf analytics and consulting to influence retail space allocation and merchandising optimization.