SVOD Content Ratings


Consumers today have access to more content than ever, and media companies have more opportunities to distribute their content via multiple channels. One of those channels, subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services, has seen significant growth in markets across the world and has created the need for content owners to understand the size and composition of their audiences relative to those watching other programs and platforms. Responding to this demand, Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings provides syndicated, independent measurement of subscription-based streamed content. SVOD Content Ratings, part of Nielsen’s Total Audience offerings, represents improved transparency within the SVOD marketplace.


Competitive view of Subscription VOD content


Comparable metrics to TV at a season and episode level


National panel characteristics for deep audience insights

Understanding the Lifecycle of Content

With SVOD Content Ratings, clients will gain a more comprehensive view of their content’s total audience regardless of where consumers view it. Data from this ground-breaking service provides insights into how viewers switch between linear and SVOD platforms. With SVOD Content Ratings, the marketplace has the ability to follow the full life cycle of a program: from live to time-shifted viewing to set-top-box video on-demand and now SVOD. As programs travel across multiple platforms in the television ecosystem, clients have Nielsen data to follow the path audiences take as they watch programs across multiple platforms in the television ecosystem, enabling content owners to effectively value their content and create comprehensive distribution strategies.

Deep Audience Insights

SVOD Content Ratings provide real data into previously significant and expanding blind spots of consumer viewing behavior. Utilizing ratings, reach and frequency or segmentation analysis, clients can answer the following questions:

  • Which programs are most viewed via SVOD, and how does the size of this audience compare to those of linear programming?
  • How many unique viewers did an SVOD program or episode reach?
  • How do viewers across linear, set-top-box VOD and SVOD differ in demographics, characteristics and market breaks?


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