Are You A CPG Retailer?

Align your organization and suppliers to drive speed, agility and growth.

The retail landscape is changing rapidly. Consumer buying behaviors are evolving, shopping channels are fragmenting and digital media options are transforming the marketing environment. At the same time, the explosion of data means that your suppliers and internal teams are likely using different metrics to measure performance.

Nielsen can help align your organization and suppliers around the right data, analytics and insights to drive speed, agility and confidence as you pioneer new paths to growth.

Sync Your Entire Business

Have clear insight into what’s happening, why trends are happening, and most importantly, what to do next. ​Connect your data with Nielsen data and third-party data in the industry’s first truly open, cloud-based technology platform designed to foster collaboration across your business and your partners.

With one source of data, you can deliver actionable, coordinated decision making to achieve sustained, profitable growth in today’s ever-evolving industries.

Measure What Matters

Get a complete view of your shoppers’ behaviors—both inside and outside of your stores. See how your market performance stacks up with your competitors’, including those in non-traditional, new and hard-to-read channels, like e-commerce and hard discounters.

Maximize Your Merchandising Performance

Take advantage of powerful analytics to collaboratively build, test and execute price, promotion and assortment plans that maximize growth for you and your suppliers. Track performance and quickly react to changing market conditions. Optimize your shelf with cloud-based tools to manage planograms and identify out-of-stock items.  

Turn Personalization Into Marketing ROI

Identify your highest-potential shoppers based on what and where they buy. Gain a deep understanding of those shoppers’ journeys so you can create personalized offers that reach and resonate with them. Seamlessly activate your digital media plans using your customer information connected in a data management platform (DMP) for maximum reach. Boost your campaigns’ effectiveness—both pre-launch and in-flight—using shopper loyalty-driven analytics, and measure how those campaigns affect sales so you can increase your ROI.

Extend your capabilities with a connected partner

Work with trustworthy, innovative partners that deliver results aligned to the way your business measures success. Built on the concept of an open ecosystem that uses Nielsen data as connective tissue, the Connected Partner Program removes the burdensome barriers of sharing data so you can shift from managing data to doing things with it. With your data connected, you will be able to measure, analyze and decide faster—and smarter—than ever before.