Syndicated Solutions

The Consumer & Shopper landscape is undergoing one of its biggest transformations ever. Identifying and navigating through the shifts in consumer/shopper attitudes and behavior is vital for your category, brand or if you are a retailer, your store success. Learn more through our various Syndicated Solutions.

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Shopper Trends

An annual study that provides a comprehensive overview of the grocery retail environment trends, banner equity tracking (across various channels) and in-depth analysis of changing shopping patterns, attitudes and behaviour in 60+ markets globally.

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New Normal Shopper

Learn how to quickly adapt to shifting consumer behaviors and unique segments within channels, store types, categories, brands and packs. Global research using online surveys and video capture technology reveals shoppers’ live voices and expressions for an honest and in-depth experience.

Resetting Travel Decisions

The insights will provide inputs to industry stakeholders to plan and streamline efforts for addressing potential travelers’ needs.

How Covid-19 Is Shaping The Future Of Personal Care

Our global study reveals how restricted living and new social distancing habits are impacting the future of specific skincare and cleanings habits, which in turn are creating new opportunities for marketers.