Are You A CPG Retailer?

Align your organization and suppliers to drive speed, agility and growth.

The retail landscape is changing rapidly. Consumer buying behaviors are evolving, shopping channels are fragmenting and digital media options are transforming the marketing environment. At the same time, the explosion of data means that your suppliers and internal teams are likely using different metrics to measure performance.

Nielsen can help align your organization and suppliers around the right data, analytics and insights to drive speed, agility and confidence as you pioneer new paths to growth.

Measure What Matters

Get a complete view of your shoppers’ behaviors—both inside and outside of your stores. See how your market performance stacks up with your competitors’.

Maximize Your Merchandising Performance

Take advantage of powerful analytics to collaboratively build, test and execute price, promotion and assortment plans that maximize growth for you and your suppliers. Track performance and quickly react to changing market conditions. Optimize your shelf with cloud-based tools to manage planograms and identify out-of-stock items.