Millennials Talk Millennials: Why We’re Unique

Millennials Talk Millennials: Why We’re Unique

Millennials today are a growing opportunity for the Canadian fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The bulk of Millennial consumers are not yet the key decision makers in their homes. However, this is poised to change as they grow in their careers and move into their own homes.

Still, as these consumers grow into decision makers, they’re not doing things the same way as previous generations. Currently, Millennials make fewer trips than the average Canadian, but they spend more per trip. And their basket size is growing. For brands and marketers looking to engage with Canadian Millennials as they ramp up their buying and spending, understanding these consumer behaviours are essential.

In the video below, Carman Allison, Nielsen’s Vice President of Consumer Insights, discusses a number of key factors for brands and marketers to understand about Canadian Millennials, including their demographic profile, purchasing power and what categories are most important to this consumer group. Carman is joined by a team of Nielsen Millennials, Lauren Fernandes, Senior Communications Specialist, Andrea McDougall, Senior Analyst, and Haley McCausland, Executive Analyst.

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