Shopper Trends 2018

Shopper Trends 2018


Our annual Shopper Trends study provides a comprehensive overview of trends in the FMCG market and a detailed analysis of shopping patterns, attitudes and behaviors in Switzerland.

It has become apparent that price awareness in Switzerland has been growing slowly but steadily for years. 55% of respondents gauged that food prices rose in 2017 and responded by increasing their purchase of special offers. This rising price awareness is also reflected in consumers’ price familiarity. In 2013, only 44% of those surveyed were confident in their knowledge of food prices. By 2017, the figure had risen to 52%. Nevertheless, when shoppers are questioned in detail about their preferences when shopping for groceries, it becomes clear that price is not the decisive factor when choosing which store to shop at. The strongest influences are the shopping atmosphere, the assortment and the quality of the products.

The Shopper Trends study also examines the dynamics within and across retail channels. Although shopping frequency increased across all formats in 2017, supermarkets experienced a slight loss of penetration whereas convenience stores significantly expanded their buyer base. In recent years, more and more formats have entered the market, with the result that consumers increasingly divide their purchases among different businesses and thus exacerbate competition. The number of Swiss sales outlets per format is recorded annually by Nielsen and summarized in the Trade Dimensions Poster.

About the study

The Nielsen Shopper Trends Study is conducted annually in more than 50 countries. 1,003 participants in Switzerland were interviewed online between October 27 and November 14, 2017.

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