Trends in E-Commerce: Switzerland

Trends in E-Commerce: Switzerland


Although the Swiss e-commerce market is still small (2% of total FMCG retail sales), there’s hardly any doubt that this share will grow strongly in the coming years. The combination of Swiss’ consumers high purchasing power and affinity with technology almost guarantees that this channel will flourish, potentially at a stronger pace than in other markets.

In 2017, Swiss consumers ordered just under CHF 9 billion worth of goods on the Internet, which essentially corresponds to the 10% of declining volume in the Swiss retail trade. Of the top ten online shops in Switzerland, three are non-Swiss international players — and the amount people are ordering from these shops are growing above the average. While this development certainly advances the e-commerce market, it also puts pressure on traditional retail trade as well as our Swiss online stores.

Companies that anticipate and prepare for changing consumer behavior and new technologies have immense opportunities to grow their market in the future.

We’re seeing that winning companies:

  • Address the right services for the right target group
  • Understand the consumer’s path to purchase, and recognize that their customers are searching digitally through channels and platforms to make better purchasing decisions
  • Recognize the potential category growth in e-commerce, building a niche difficult to otherwise build in a saturated market.

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