Retail Measurement

What we measure

Measuring what consumers and shoppers buy and how they behave is at the core of Nielsen. We offer a unique set of tools that examine key business trends by product, category or market, using retailer scanner-based sales and causal information gathered weekly from thousands of retail outlets.

Understanding product performance and market dynamics

To make good marketing decisions you must have accurate, timely information about what’s selling at the retail level and how in-store conditions such as pricing, merchandising and promotions are influencing sales.

Nielsen Retail Measurement Services are the industry standard for quality information on product movement, market share, distribution, promotional effectiveness, pricing and other market-sensitive information in more than 80 countries across six continents, providing our client base with an information network and global reach second to none.

Using in-store scanning of product codes and store visits by professional auditors, Nielsen offers a complete portfolio of sample and census information across the food, household, health and beauty, durables, confectionery and beverage products industries.

Whether long-term strategic planning or tactical decision-making, Nielsen measures and tracks the information you need to win in your market place.

Your global, comprehensive retail coverage solution

Nielsen Retail Measurement Services integrate information from a variety of sources to provide accurate, decision-ready reporting and coverage of a broad array of retail channels, including:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Mini-market
  • Convenience stores
  • Self-service grocery
  • Non- Self-service grocery
  • General Store
  • Ice Cream and Soft Drink Store
  • Cosmetics Store
  • Baby and Mum Store
  • Liquor and Tobacco Store
  • Restaurant

Nielsen’s comprehensive coverage permits management to examine key business trends by product, category, store, chain, or market for one brand or an entire competitive set. From viewing an executive summary to drilling down through a robust database to the desired level of detail, executives can make strategic decisions based on accurate, timely information.