How Americans Are Shopping During COVID-19

Check in here for updated infographics and insights on the latest trends happening in the United States due to COVID-19.

Shifting Trends Among U.S. Shoppers

Total Store sales remained level through election week while the surge in COVID cases resulted in increased pantry loading of Household Care products.

Center store

Consumer preferences have changed up this week with Household Care in the top spot, rounded out by Alcohol, Produce, Frozen, and Meat.


Within Household Care, cleaning and paper supplies are driving the growth.


Warehouse Club penetration levels in the latest two weeks are the highest since March.

Department and category Dynamics

Above we highlighted one of this week’s departments. Below you can see how all departments are doing.

Rank of departments

*Source: Nielsen RMS xAOC, 4WE 9/30/20 vs YAGO

Change in department performance

Brick & Mortar, Nielsen RMS xAOC, WE 11/7/20 vs. YAGO
Online, Nielsen E-com 4WE 9/30/20 vs YAGO

What’s driving Top Performance?

Take a look at category performance.

Top and bottom ranked Categories, U.S.

Top categories by state and channel

Distribution and promotion performance

The new normal: shoppers continue to buy at stores despite historically low promotion and less variety in stores.


*Source: Nielsen RMS xAOC, W/E 11/7/20


*Source: Nielsen RMS xAOC, W/E 11/7/20

E-commerce Spotlight

Speaking of channels, E-Com continues to show strong growth of 73% driven by total trips in the latest 4 weeks.

73% online growth since start

61% Increase in trips

15% More items in basket

2% item value growth

*Source: Nielsen E-commerce, 4 WE 9/30/20 vs YA

Pick up at store or delivered to your door?

The battle between click and collect and home delivery has heated up since stay-at-home orders have swept the United states. Today, this is how things are shaking out.

Shopper Behavior Dynamics

Channel also plays a role when it comes to how consumers are shopping. Consumers show signs of stocking up for quarantine, with Purchase Size reaching its highest level in four months.

*Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel, W/E 11/7/20

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