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Uncovering the Billion $ Shoppertunity: The First Time Modern Trade Shopper

By: Adrian Terron, Executive Director, Retail & Shopper Practice, Nielsen India &

     Manoj Kulkarni, Director, Retail & Shopper Practice, Nielsen India 

The F.T.M.T.S Opportunity

  • First Time Modern Trade Shopper (F.T.M.T.S.) spends at modern trade seen tripling to $1 billion by 2015
  • Number of First Time Modern Trade Shoppers to increase by 15% each year
  • Two out of five F.T.M.T.S indulge in unplanned purchases

The first time modern trade shopper or F.T.M.T.S, is one who for the very first time is exposed to the reality of organized retail, to the deluge of brands, to the proliferation of choice and to the profusion of categories they’ve never had before. Poised to add a billion dollars in sales to the FMCG sector in the next three years, the F.T.M.T.S is a segment that retailers simply cannot afford to ignore. 

Today, we discover that a fourth of all modern trade shoppers are first time modern trade shoppers and already spend over a quarter of a billion dollars at modern trade stores on FMCG products. At the current proportion of their spends in modern trade, a third of their total FMCG spends will be in modern trade and will triple to a billion dollars in just three years!

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