Take the guesswork out of your pricing and promotion planning

It’s doubtful that you’ve only got one promotion running at any given time. In reality, you could have hundreds—maybe even thousands to plan and keep track of. That’s a fairly ominous-sounding task, unless of course you’ve got the right tools to keep them organized and well-planned.

And we have just the tools you need. Driving sales performance comes down to understanding what influences your price and trade promotion strategies. Our end-to-end revenue management solution helps you measure price elasticity and the effect it has on your sales volume. With this solution on your side, you’ll be in a prime position to design, execute, and track the best promotional programs for every category in every account.

If there’s one thing that’s a relative constant in the retail world, it’s that things always seem to be in flux. But don’t worry. We measure price elasticity and the effect that merchandising has on sales—the merchandising lift—for every universal product code (UPC) in every event in every retail account. We then provide you with a comprehensive, end-to-end application suite that lets you plan, execute, monitor and evaluate promotion plans for every retail account in every category.

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