Nielsen’s Innovation solutions

Innovation is not random – it’s a science that can be replicated again and again if you have the right analytics tools and support systems. Used separately or all together, Nielsen’s portfolio of innovation solutions can help manufacturers launch successful innovations faster, more effectively and more consistently.


Pipeline Prioritization / Early idea Screening

Nielsen Idea Screen uses Nielsen’s proprietary Factors for Success model to evaluate many early stage ideas so you can enable fewer, better initiatives to progress.

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Concept Optimization

Using patented evolutionary algorithms, Nielsen Optimizer allows you to test hundreds to millions of propositions for your new product, helping you to identify the very best options while also saving time and money on iterative testing. It’s proven to increase revenue for new products by 4.4X.

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Concept Screening & Forecasting

Using Nielsen’s proprietary Factors for Success model, Snapshot helps you determine if your initiative has the potential to succeed in market. Additionally, it prioritizes concepts to optimize and refine. BASES 1 provides an exhaustive evaluation of your concept’s success potential, including a revenue forecast.

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Product Testing

Does your product live up to the marketing promise? BASES 2 answers that question by enabling you to test your product in home with consumers. It provides the most accurate revenue forecast for your product, as well as guidance on how to improve. Snapshot 2 delivers a quick and early read of your product’s potential so you can uncover possible risks earlier in your process.

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Package Design Testing

Nielsen Design Navigator helps you to find the best design direction for your brand by enabling broader creative exploration and objective design measurement based on stand-out, preference and brand fit. It increases stand-out by 34% and sales volume by 5.5% on average.

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Pricing & Portfolio Optimization

Nielsen Line and Price Optimizer maximizes incremental sales and profits by identifying the best varieties, prices and pack sizes for your new and existing product line ups. It complements historical data models by allowing you to explore and predict a wide range of scenarios in a forward looking, competitive market.

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Quick Predict

To innovate with confidence, you need solid research backing your ideas. And you need it fast. A lot of innovation testing tools promise fast results — but the data they deliver isn’t always reliable. In fact, a whopping 69% of marketers say they don’t trust the results they get from their fast innovation tools. Concept Quick Predict is out to change all that. Nielsen’s new solution gives you fast, in-depth answers based on methodology you can trust.

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