Meet the seven different types of snackers

Meet the seven different types of snackers

We Brits love to snack, and while snacking has traditionally been thought of as an impulsive aspect of what we eat and drink in a day, just as many of us now proactively plan ahead for our snacks.

We asked UK shoppers about their motivations for snacking and found a complex web of factors influencing why we snack, when we snack and what we snack on – summed up in seven key snacker profiles.

So, how well do you know your snacker? Are they looking for a deal or a meal? Does health play a deciding role or do emotions take over?

In this second of our third part series of reports on the power of snacking, we explore:  

  • The seven different types of snackers and how to engage them
  • Trends driving growth in the category
  • How time of week and age demographics influence snacking
  • How to unlock growth

Missed the first report in our series? Check out Welcome to the Snacking Revolution.


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Meet the seven different types of snackers

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