The Power of Snacking

The Power of Snacking

At £18bn and counting, the snacking category is experiencing a revolution in the UK. Put this in context with the rest of the globe, snacks are a rare global growth story, and a consumer trend that is being fuelled by the dichotomy of health and indulgence.

The way we snack has changed. Today, 45% of shoppers are looking for healthy snacks and 41% want snacks with less sugar. Changing lifestyles and the quest for convenient, quality, healthy options are disrupting this category.

The snacking revolution is well and truly here, and this is the first of a three part series of reports on the power of snacking. In this report, we explore:  

  • Changing dynamics between the core and perimeter – and where your brand should sit
  • Attitudes towards health and impact on the category
  • Three ways to secure – and grow – your position in the category
  • How to drive a premium perception of your brand
  • Disrupting the path to purchase  
  • How to be fit for the snacking future


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The Power of Snacking

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