Australians Flock Online To Vent About Fuel Prices

Australians Flock Online To Vent About Fuel Prices

Australians feeling the economic pinch are increasingly going online to discuss soaring fuel prices, a recent Nielsen Online study found.  

The study noted that online conversations about fuel price increases shot up by 150% since March 2008, when oil prices hit a record $110 per barrel.  Fuel discussions in online forums continued at high levels throughout the spring, peaking in May and June.

Nielsen found that 13% of those discussing fuel online say they have converted or are considering converting their car’s gasoline engine into a Liquiefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) engine as a result of increasing fuel prices. 

Concerns about rising fuel costs also triggered 8% of those commenting about fuel online to express interest in purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle.

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