Global Consumers Tell Corporations Environment Is #1

Global Consumers Tell Corporations Environment Is #1

Corporate care of the environment and support of socially responsible programs play an increasingly influential role in consumer purchasing behavior, according to the first global survey on company ethics and corporate responsibility released by The Nielsen Company. Half the world’s consumers (51%) consider it very important that companies improve their environmental polices.  In addition, 42% of consumers place high importance on fostering other programs that contribute to improving society.

The 51-country survey polled 28,253 online consumers in May 2008, providing the first global overview on consumer attitudes towards company ethics and corporate responsibility.

“From human rights to poverty and war, and most significantly, the environment – global consumers are collectively speaking out and demanding that corporations make a positive contribution to society,” Amilcar Perez, Vice President, Marketing, Latin America, Nielsen, noted.

Globally, the report indicates that marketing ‘ethical’ products could lead to economic benefit. Two in three global consumers said they would be interested in buying ethical products to support environmental and social causes. More than 75 percent of Greeks, Chinese, Portuguese and Filipinos indicated their support for such products.  While still showing a majority, North American consumers exhibited the least interest in buying ethical products at 57%.

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