Six Factors Driving Consumers’ Quest for Convenience

Six Factors Driving Consumers’ Quest for Convenience

Hyperconnectivity and busy lifestyles are influencing buying decisions of global consumers. Global consumers want convenience at every stage of shopping and brand engagement with products and services. However, convenience means different things to different consumers, and it’s increasingly important for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies to understand the regional and global trends centered around the need for convenience. There are six key factors driving consumers’ desire for convenience, and by understanding them, companies can adapt and enhance their solutions as consumer needs rapidly evolve.

Circumstances, culture, location, market maturity and technology are key influences that are driving the need for FMCG companies to develop solutions tailored to cater to different segments of society and geographical areas. Since consumers don’t articulate convenience directly, FMCG companies can get insights from consumer activities during their start-to-finish experience with products and solutions. FMCG companies need to adapt ‘convenience’ at the center of their offering so that they can address consumers with better products and solutions and remain ahead of the curve.

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