Re-Thinking the Center Store

Re-Thinking the Center Store

Grocery store shoppers have discovered many new developments during their recent strolls down the aisles. From new in-store displays to new flavor profiles and assortments on the shelf, the shopping landscape has been changing. Store perimeters have evolved dramatically with expanded produce, bakery, meat and seafood sections and with convenient new services that include banks and health services, contributing to almost double-digit sales growth within the grocery channel.

However, it is possible that this growth has come at a cost, as center-store sales have actually declined on a same-store basis. Shoppers today are more demanding than ever, and knowing how to leverage center and perimeter to meet that demand is critical.  Since total store performance is highly dependent on what’s happening at the center of the store, the time has come to rethink center store.  What are some of the key considerations in addressing – or reversing – this challenging situation? Most importantly, how can center and perimeter work together to grow trips and loyalty? 

Join us for an important and timely webinar in which we will highlight new trends, insights and implications for action – from which both manufacturers and retailers can benefit. We will share strategies and views on how best to leverage in-store innovation to generate more desirable shopper behavior – such as more frequent store visits, larger basket rings or greater customer loyalty. Our focus will include:  

  • Transitioning from category management to shopper management
  • Finding opportunities and solutions within the ‘demand landscape’
  • Winning customers back – their mission is your mission
  • Innovating and renovating – the new landscape of retailing


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Re-Thinking the Center Store

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