Webinar: Nielsen and the UN’s Global Big Data Platform

Webinar: Nielsen and the UN’s Global Big Data Platform

A part of Nielsen’s mission is to make markets more efficient. We believe that when consumer prospects improve, economic activity increases, whole communities get reinvigorated, and everyone benefits. We have a shared interest in sustainably developing markets around the world.

For that reason, it was natural for us to join the global movement on Big Data for Official Statistics launched by the United Nations. This initiative was an outcome of the report “A World That Counts” by the UN’s Independent Expert and Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development.

Nielsen has been supporting the UN’s special task team on scanner data, which is working to identify new trusted data and develop methods so that national statistics offices (NSOs) around the world can improve calculation of consumer price indices, an important economic measure.

Nielsen’s Sumair Sayani, VP, The Demand Institute, recently sat down with Ivo Havinga of United Nations Statistics Division and Sylvie Michaud from Statistics Canada, representing the Scanner Task Team, to talk about:

  • Aims of this global initiative
  • Progress to date
  • The path forward
  • The impact of Nielsen’s involvement