Webinar: The Future of Beauty

Webinar: The Future of Beauty

More than nearly any other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, the mass market beauty industry is guided by trends. From balayage to activated charcoal, it seems like the next big thing can come from just about anywhere, so how are you supposed to know when a trend has staying power, or when it’s just a flash in the pan?

Watch the webinar to learn more about the three big, systemic shifts that are redefining the industry and positioning brands for growth:

  • Natural: As with organic food and household supplies, more consumers are becoming interested in natural beauty products. But, how they decided what’s truly natural is changing.
  • Personal: The same shoppers who are redefining what healthier, natural beauty products are looking for products that they can connect with on a deeper level. They want to see who they are represented in by their beauty products.
  • Connected: Connecting with digitally engaged shoppers isn’t as easy as encouraging them to visit a website or dropping promoted posts in their social media feeds – the playbook for building and sustaining brand loyalty has changed.