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Where The Moms Are: Shopping, Blogging, Networking And Strategizing Online

Power Moms Represent Nearly 20 Percent of the Online Population, According to Nielsen

New York, US – May 07, 2009 – Power Moms—women age 25-54 with at least one child—today represent 19.2 percent of the active online population, and they wield more influence than ever before, according to Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company.

What a Mom Wants: Established Moms go Power Shopping
While the importance and use of the Internet among moms is seemingly universal, where they spend their time online differs between specific demographic categories. Established Moms, those aged 40-50 with three or more children at home, are heavy online shoppers. was the No. 1 online destination for this demographic group; Established Moms are 92 percent more likely than the average user to visit Shopzilla. Target and Wal-Mart Stores were No. 2 and 3, with composition indexes of 160 and 155, respectively.

“Established Moms gravitate to online shopping destinations where they are likely to be receptive to highly relevant promotions to allow her to indulge herself while saving on her family’s needs,” said Jessica Hogue, research director, Nielsen Online. “However, marketers shouldn’t rule out the rising prominence of social networking sites among this cohort, which is one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook.”

Top Sites among Women, 40-50, with 3+ Children in the Household Top Sites among Women, 25-34, with 1 or 2 Children in the Household
Site Composition Index Site Composition Index
Target 276 Network 192
Craigslist 253 Target 160
Blogger 227 Wal-Mart Stores 155
Wal-Mart Stores 227 Glam Media 147
Amazon 187 Amazon 135
Facebook 185 AOL Instant Messenger 129
Wikipedia 184 AOL Media Network 122
eBay 178 Wikipedia 121
Yahoo! Mail 162 Yahoo! Mail 117 160 eBay 116
YouTube 142 Facebook 114
AOL Media Network 140 112

Source: Nielsen @Plan, Spring 2009 Survey, U.S., 18+
Rankings based on each site’s composition percent/index of visitors among the selected demographic groups.
Average Index is 100

It Takes an (Online) Village: Newbie Moms Socialize
Top sites visited by Newbie Moms, women aged 25-34 with one or two children in the home, include several social networking destinations. Newbie Moms are more than twice as likely as the average Web user to visit Blogger, and 85 percent more likely to visit Facebook.

“For Newbie Moms social networking is literally woven into their day-to-day existence,” remarked Ms. Hogue. “Newbie Moms use the Internet to gather information about everything from nursery décor to choosing the right pediatrician. As they navigate caring for a newborn, returning to work or managing a growing household, the Internet acts as a lifeline to answer worrisome middle-of-the-night questions and to build community. Many Newbie Moms today blog about their experiences and use social networks as an efficient way to quickly broadcast their latest pictures and family updates.”

Power Moms Talk about Saving Money
Across the board, moms are increasingly concerned about the economy and seek money saving strategies and solutions online, which in part fuels the digital coupon renaissance taking place. Within Nielsen Online’s Power Mom blogger segment, composed of more than 10,000 parenting and mom-oriented blogs, the economy and money saving conversations permeate more than 12 percent of total messages posted during March and April 2009, up from 8 percent the year prior.

Percentage of total buzz within Mom Bloggers segment
The growth in content to help moms manage the family budget has also ushered in a powerful new set of mom bloggers: “Savvy Spenders.” In Nielsen’s forthcoming Power Mom 50, a collection of viral mom bloggers, many in the “Savvy Spenders” category made the list. “Mom Approved” blogs – those featuring brand-sponsored product reviews and giveaways – also feature prominently in the Power Mom 50.

“Mom bloggers review everything from beauty products to cars to inkjets, enabling marketers unparalled reach to their target consumers. In an increasingly connected world, moms seek the wisdom of their online counterparts as trusted advisors,” commented Ms. Hogue.

Savvy Spender Mom Blogs                                   Mom-Approved Mom Blogs

Source: Nielsen BuzzMetrics

To learn more about the important role of Power Moms, read Jessica Hogue’s article in Nielsen’s Consumer Insight.

About Nielsen’s Power Mom Initiative:

Nielsen Online’s Power Mom 50 is a collection of leading voices in the mom blogosphere based on a blend of blog posts and comments, and inbound/outbound captured via Nielsen BuzzMetrics, as well as Twitter followers and other metrics. The complete list is available here.

On May 27, Nielsen Online’s Research Director, Jessica Hogue and Karen Benezra, vice president of the Life360 Project, will present a free Webinar examining today’s Power Mom through the lens of her online behavior and introduce groundbreaking insights from recent video ethnographic studies that focus on the role of technology in mom’s world. Visit for more information in the coming days.