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Nielsen Launches Shopper Essentials Suite to Uncover the Comprehensive Shopper Path to Purchase Journey

Today Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced the launch of the Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite. Nielsen Shopper Essentials, a web-based data visualization and analysis solution, provides a complete interactive view of shoppers across retail channels and categories allowing clients to make real-time decisions to drive growth outcomes. As retail competition increases and new attitudinal norms take hold in digital and omni-channel environments, it is more important than ever that consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers alike understand these shopping drivers and respond rapidly.

The launch of the Shopper Essentials Suite provides clients with a simple and efficient online platform to help make confident real-time decisions about consumer shopping preferences. Clients have already been taking advantage of the benefits of Store Choice Drivers and Category Shopping Fundamentals as two separate solutions. The Shopper Essentials Suite brings these solutions together on a single platform and expands insight to the ecommerce space with Digital Shopping Fundamentals, available for the first time.

Nielsen Shopper Essentials consists of three complementary solutions that chronicle the shopper across the entire shopper path to purchase:

  • Store Choice Drivers – Provides a complete analysis of why shoppers choose one store over another and how they engage with these stores in-store and online through: the strength of shoppers’ retail relationships; why shoppers visit certain stores and not others and winning tactics to convert shoppers, increase satisfaction and drive store sales.
  • Category Shopping Fundamentals: Equips clients with information to understand what may drive category purchase decisions and how to help influence these decisions pre-store and in-store, including benchmarks established across 100+ CPG categories; examines impact of traditional and digital marketing tactics; contextualized understanding of categories across the CPG universe; prioritize marketing opportunities for products, brands and categories and high-impact sales stories.
  • Digital Shopping Fundamentals: Allows clients to understand shoppers’ ecommerce path to purchase by providing a comprehensive look at the online shopper and e-tailer environment; key touch points along the digital path to purchase; perspectives on how to best reach and influence online shopping behavior and contextualized category insights in an omni-channel environment.

“With our comprehensive shopper insights we’re providing clients with the confidence to take swift, decisive action to cultivate business both online and offline,” says Hin-Lo Lau, Vice President Consumer & Shopper Analytics U.S., Nielsen. “For manufacturers this means you are equipped with the confidence to build stronger relationships with your retailer partners, and win over shoppers.  If you’re a retailer, it’s about growing your customer base through category activation in-store and digitally.  Whether you are focused against Millennials or other shopper cohorts, you’ll be able to seize opportunities to grow your business.”

All three solutions will be delivered through Nielsen’s Insight Studio, providing digital real-time access to thorough shopper information. This self-serve data visualization tool allows both broad and deep dive insights into what drives shoppers to certain stores, as well as the physical and digital paths to purchase. The level of granularity of the shopper information allows marketers to capitalize on new opportunities and to drive growth outcomes.

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