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Nielsen Brings Informed Decision Making to the Annual Price and Promotion Planning Process with Launch of RMO Sales Planner

New York, NY – July 26, 2017 – Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) expanded its Everyday Analytics suite of tools with the global launch of RMO Sales Planner. This new solution will enable fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies to accelerate trade optimization results by bridging the gap between nationally focused price and promotion strategies and the annual  plans executed by account teams at a local, retailer-level.

Through RMO Sales Planner, account teams can now objectively evaluate the best combination of everyday price levels and temporary discount events to achieve their annual business goals across their entire product portfolio. Bringing speed to the process, account teams can build out multiple, annual plan scenarios and within minutes, simulate and compare their relative performance based on sales volume, profitability objectives and trade budget. Unique to the market, RMO Sales Planner is powered by Nielsen’s store-level models which allows account teams to easily understand  how nationally-set guidelines will impact their retailers and how best to adapt to create more relevant, more precise plans.

“Many companies are using analytics to set smarter price and promotion strategies and guidelines for their brands, and while impressive results have been achieved, success has been limited as these guidelines are often set at a national level – not the local level relevant to the retailer,” said Jeanne Danubio, Head of Marketing and Sales Effectiveness for Lead Markets at Nielsen. “Without retailer-specific data to guide them, account teams must determine how to price and promote their products using their best guess or defaulting to tactics from last year. In the end, many trade efficiencies are not being realized by manufacturers and retailers alike. With RMO Sales Planner, FMCG companies now have a way to help account teams replace guesswork with informed decision-making for optimized, retailer-specific plans that deliver a greater impact.”  

By combining automated, lower cost analytics with simple and intuitive tools, Nielsen’s suite of Everyday Analytics make sophisticated analytics more accessible for daily decisions for brands of all sizes.  These tools are a fundamental component of the Nielsen Connected System, helping organizations align around what’s happening with their business, why and what to do next to drive growth. RMO Sales Planner builds upon other Everyday Analytics that are launching in the Connected System, including capabilities that focus on innovation, assortment and advertising budget allocation.

RMO Sales Planner is currently available worldwide. For additional information on Nielsen’s Everyday Analytic tools, visit


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