Nielsen Shopper Solutions

Re-invent to win Shoppers in-store

The Research Experts for your Shopper Re-invention

Shopper behavior has become just like the weather. It’s no longer predictable or patterned. It’s also no longer confined to a straight line between point A and point B. Instead, shopper behavior can change suddenly—unexpectedly—and it’s changing faster than ever.

At the point of purchase, retailers and brands have less than 2 seconds to influence decisions. So to make those 2 seconds count in your favor, you need to understand shoppers, their demands, their decision-making processes and their entire shopping journey. Become one with shoppers and their shopper experiences by optimizing store, aisle, shelf and point-of-sale decisions (in-store and online).

Nielsen Shopper Solutions combine primary research with targeted data, using Nielsen’s syndicated datasets, to help determine who clients should market to, where they can influence shoppers and what tactics they should use to help improve sales performance and boost loyalty.

Path to purchase


Nielsen Shopper solutions framework

Nielsen Shopper Solutions combine primary research with our syndicated datasets to help clients determine where they can influence shoppers and what tactics to deploy to improve sales performance.  Our Shopper, Shop, Shopping framework keeps everything simple: you give us your questions, and we’ll apply our research expertise to answer them using our breadth of industry-leading solutions.


Navigate from home to store

Understand shoppers’ demands, decision-making and their shopping journey


Optimize channel choice

Reinvent channels and stores for an optimal retail experience


Win conversion in-store

Activate shoppers effectively from store to aisle to shelf


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SmartStore is a immersive shopping experience designed to radically transform how the retailer and manufacturer conduct shopper research. With SmartStore, clients can create remarkably realistic and immersive three-dimensional, 360-degree store simulations. With these simulations, survey respondents can realistically shop in a store as they normally would.

Using a virtual environment offers many advantages. First immersive store testing eliminates the unnecessary risk of trial-and-error execution. That’s because clients can perfect aisles and point-of-sale materials before implementing physical changes in stores. Immersive store testing also gives clients the flexibility to test future scenarios quickly, away from competitors’ eyes and without disrupting the store.


SmartShopper is the perfect way to gain fast, fresh feedback at the point of purchase or consumption in order to drive sales and loyalty. It’s real life, representative and rapid. Through mobile surveys, SmartShopper provides in-the-moment insights complete with geo-location, barcode scans, photos and videos.

With SmartShopper, you can focus on shoppers’ most important needs:

  • Engage with shoppers on-the-go, as they shop, without relying on memory recall.
  • Compare your product or store with the competition’s.
  • Generate real-time insights through a sharp, end-to-end survey process that’s fast and flexible.
  • Garner rich, granular insights to make smarter marketing decisions.

Shopper Trends

Nielsen Shopper Trends reports help you gain a comprehensive view of grocery retail trends, understand retailer equity tracking and receive in-depth analyses of changing shopping patterns, attitudes and behaviour that relates to your brand. Shopper Trends is conducted in over 60 markets globally, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

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With Nielsen Shopper Trends you can understand:

  • Shopper attitudes toward grocery shopping, planning and deal-seeking at a category level
  • Loyalty card ownership and private-label purchase habits
  • Changes in store repertoire, shopping trips and missions

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