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Shopper behavior has become just like the weather. It’s no longer predictable or patterned. It’s also no longer confined to a straight line between point A and point B. Instead, shopper behavior can change suddenly—unexpectedly—and it’s changing faster than ever.

At the point of purchase, retailers and brands have less than 2 seconds to influence decisions. So to make those 2 seconds count in your favor, you need to understand shoppers, their demands, their decision-making processes and their entire shopping journey. Become one with shoppers and their shopper experiences by optimizing store, aisle, shelf and point-of-sale decisions (in-store and online).

Nielsen Shopper Solutions combine primary research with targeted data, using Nielsen’s syndicated datasets, to help determine who clients should market to, where they can influence shoppers and what tactics they should use to help improve sales performance and boost loyalty.


Why do you need Shopper Research?

How to Win Shoppers

Shopper Trends

What is Shopper Trends?

Nielsen Shopper Trends helps you gain a comprehensive view of grocery retail trends, understand retailer equity tracking and receive in-depth analyses of changing shopping patterns, attitudes and behavior and how they relate to your category. Shopper Trends is conducted in 60 + markets globally, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Shopper attitudes toward grocery shopping, planning and deal-seeking at a category level
  • Changes in store repertoire, shopping trips, missions, new store adoption, price awareness levels and sensitivity to promotions


How does SmartShopper help you understand current shopper behavior?

Client relaunched ice cream with a premium appearance to strengthen emotional connection with the category. The Label was placed over the new lid obscuring the product due to concerns of ice crystal formation during transit. Key Concerns were whether ice crystals are a barrier to purchase and is a lid change needed.


Results showed that the new pack was easy to find in store, encouraged impulse and supported premium positioning with high appeal. Though Ice crystal formation was not a barrier to purchase the lid needed some changes to facilitate easy opening.


How does SmartStore help you predict future shopper behavior?

Category in decline due to confusing fixtures and shoppers making fewer trips across more stores. More important than ever before to convert them when in-store but needed hard facts to convince the retailer to do something different.


Results clearly showed the optimal scenario decreased total shopping time, made it easier for people to shop and encouraged them to trade up. The Retailer agreed to a nationwide roll out. RMS in-market validation (excluding any promotional activity or range changes) is showing double digit growth for the accretive, value-driving segments. 

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