Ring, Ring, Cha-Ching!

The World Cup is catching fire on Twitter

Reward programs and discount incentives may be the keys to converting the remaining 60% of yet-to-adopt users.


High Trade Value

CPG companies spend a lot on their trade promotions, but many don’t get much back in return. So why aren’t they as invested in their effectiveness as they are in their advertising?


What's Trending?

Nielsen's Global Consumer Confidence Trend Tracker shows that U.S. consumers are slowly closing the gap between intentions to save and intentions to spend.


Infectious Tunes

Although a number of influences can drive song sales, recent trends suggest that viral videos can play a unique role in engaging listeners.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

By Eric Solomon, SVP,
Global Digital Audience Measurement

Quality Panels in
a 'Census' World

Why panels still matter in digital measurement.

Featured Reports

  • Q2 2014 Consumer Confidence Report
    Global consumer confidence increased one index point to 97 in the second quarter of 2014, marking the highest level since first-quarter 2007.
  • Reaching the Few, the Proud
    Brand marketers need to understand if campaigns effectively reach their desired audiences online, especially for products and services focused on specific population segments. The USMC recently faced this challenge head on.
  • More of What We Want
    As device penetration grows, as content reaches people in ways it never could before, so does the appetite to engage with video. With only 24 hours in a day, how can we manage all this screen time?
  • The U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Report
    In 2014, we found 14 breakthrough innovations from a starting field of 3,463 launches in 2012 met the criteria for distinctiveness, relevance, and endurance.


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