The World Cup is catching fire on Twitter

In a recent study, Nielsen Social analyzed the overlap between these two populations—people who tweet about TV and people who tweet about brands—to understand the value of social TV audiences to brands. This group is large, prolific and influencing the social community.


Dub Step

Electronic music has evolved into one of the most influential genres in music today. It also comes with its own culture, and it’s sweeping the nation.


Phone Charger

Mobile payment users are typically aged 18-35, span all income levels and are almost evenly split by gender.


An Ear For Auto

Unique consumer markets require tailored radio formats, and we can now connect what consumers listen to on the radio with what they buy at the auto dealer.


Uncommon Sense

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Randall Beard, Global Head,
Advertiser Solutions

Will There Be an Advertising Singularity?

Will "the singularity" arrive in advertising, if not everywhere?

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