Neighborhood Watch


multicultural consumers are shaping the future of music

How and what we watch are as diverse as the residents of the communities we live in.


Roadmap To Success

Recording artist Passenger used Nielsen Soundscan data to connect with fans and radio stations around the country.


Musical Mentors

Multicultural audiences are shaping musical preferences and creating new marketing lanes for cross-platform goods and services


An Apple A Day…

Health and wellness is trending. In fact, 32% of U.S. consumers believe functional foods and beverages can replace some medicines.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

By Venkatesh Bala, Chief Economist,
and Kevin Bowen, Principal, The Cambridge Group

Lessons From the Private Sector About Motivation

Public policy could benefit from a heavy dose of segmentation.

Featured Reports

  • E-Commerce: Evolution Or Revolution in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods World?
    Across the globe, shoppers are increasingly turning to the web to buy the things they need. But not all e-commerce categories are the same.
  • 2014 Consumer Insurance Sentiments
    Compared with traditional, tangible goods, insurance is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to the consumer’s purchasing experience. Unlike a car or box of cereal, insurance isn’t something that a consumer can experience through touch or sight. So what do consumers think about insurance, and how can providers meet their evolving needs?
  • Health and Wellness in America: The Consumer Perspective
    Consumers are aspiring to be healthier, but their busy lifestyles are getting in the way. However, retailers can help consumers reach their health and wellness goals.
  • Local Watch: Where You Live and its Impact on Your Choices
    There’s never been a time when U.S. consumers have had as much video content to choose from as they do today. But even with myriad options—and more coming online every day—few areas of the media landscape have the power to engage consumers the way local TV does.


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